Stephen Hughett

Company Overview and Goals

With years of experience and technical backing that serves as our foundation, we at HughWebDev, LLC are more than capable of providing answers to your web development needs.

HughWebDev can provide a full range of internet services. HughWebDev prides itself in personal attention to customers and their goals that want to create a new online web presence or to redesigning and upgrading their current website. We can create a simple blog site, a static website, a Content Management System, an E-commerce site and also website hosting. You will speak or communicate one-on-one with your developer as all development is performed in-house and not passed down to third party designers or developers.

HughWebDev is constantly researching and integrating the latest technology in website design and development. That could be the latest developers platforms and plugins, changes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Marketing, and updating to the most current hosting environment.